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My story...

As a mum of 4 from the UK and pregnant with number 5 (I know right?!) and after a 10 year gap (even crazier!) the baby market after this gap had lots of new and wonderful things, amazing things that my bump and I desired but when I wanted to buy them the majority were only available in Europe! Yes I could buy them but the shipping was astronomical.

I wanted products that made my home look like an instagram feed. Products that were not plastic and that you had to hide away when visitors were coming over or at the end of the night made your lounge look like a daycare centre. I wanted toys that matched my interior style and that were also ethical and would grow with my baby so I didn't have to buy multiple products to match my babies developmental stages. Yes I know a really tough list of wants. But then I met Sofie (bysofieofficial) the amazing creator and designer of Little Hoppa and that's when Hip Bambini was born.

I am launching my website with this amazing and gorgeous product that truly takes pride of place in my lounge room and entertains my baby while I juggle life with 5 kids and a partner.

All products you will see or that I add to my site will always offer the below for you and your baby:

  • Does it give you the gift of time? Is it beautiful and offer enjoyment? Will it be used for years and passed down?
  • Does it contribute to a kinder and better future for our planet and children?

And when all of the above are answered I know it will make my child and I smile :)